Business Management

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Accounting, Bookkeeping, Grants Management, Business Management Training, and Business Advisory Services.

ExemptOrg Business Management (ExoBM) is committed to providing first-class services to our clients, adding value at every interaction, regardless of size or operational objective. We are familiar with the growing pains of starting and growing a business and offer meaningful, scalable, cost-effective solutions according to your needs.


Business Management


ExemptOrg Business Management (ExoBM) experienced CPAs and certified professionals have served the for-profit and nonprofit industries for over twenty years. ExoBM professionals provide the highest quality services, implementing global best practices through evidence-based approaches while leveraging technology to enhance small to large organizations' functional and strategic operations.


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ExemptOrg Business Management

Certified Accountants, Bookkeepers, & Business Consultants in Washington, D.C.


Our remote model serves clients globally.
We also offer some level of in-office services throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and New York.

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