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Grants are one of the ways government and other philanthropic groups fund projects to support public services and stimulate economic activities. ExemptOrg Business Management Grants Management Solution improves the efficiency of managing grant programs and positively impact grant activities' results over the grant life cycle from pre-award to post-award closeout. We leverage technology with best practices based on years of solid experience supporting organizations in optimizing grant programs.

Why do agencies need Grants Management?

Now more than ever, grantees face greater scrutiny and compliance requirements to secure limited funding. Every grant and program dollar counts; however, businesses must manage the services delivered through grants and contracts funding while adhering to ever-changing compliance requirements with over-utilized or transitioning staff. Our solution assists grantees to ensure that programmatic documents are secure, easily retrievable, and complete while avoiding compliance risks within an already competitive environment.

Agencies gain valuable tools that help specialists handle individual projects and allow program directors to perform pre-audit sampling of program files to ensure that programs meet documentation and compliance requirements. ExemptOrg Business Management utilizes proven strategies in managing and reporting grants to ensure staff are mindful of the importance of grant tracking and assist in developing a system embedded in the best practices and eliminates redundancies in the operational process.

Proper grants management can distinguish between a reliable revenue stream versus de-obligation or loss of funding and credibility with funding sources. We assist clients in establishing benchmarks and setting milestones needed to track and monitor activities to ensure compliance and efficiency in the execution of grant-funded projects. Allow us to seamlessly align your sub-culture with your operational objective, mission, and stakeholder's requirement to build stronger renewable funding relationships.

Our remote model serves clients globally.

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