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ExemptOrg Business Management Strategy Development Solution helps clients review and implement the business and operating strategies needed to achieve an organization's strategic vision. Our solution includes a broad portfolio of assistance from developing plans for the individual business segments or entity, generating strategies for every activity level, and drafting strategic projects. After creating an outline, our team helps companies make strategic choices and follow through to operation.

Diversity and inclusion provide alternative perspectives necessary for decision-making for growth, stability, and development of strategy. Our years of experience have provided us with a broad, unique, and creative view of accomplishing goals. We assist clients in identifying their needs and work with them to define and refine strategies appropriate to their mission and organizational culture.

We utilize resource-based frameworks such as VRIO (Value, Rare, Inimitable, Organization) to identify an organization's capabilities, which are then incorporated in strategies to create sustainable competitive advantage. By analyzing the organization's needs, we identify critical success factors and work with our clients to develop actionable plans to ensure those factors are developed, maintained, and present a strong value proposition to customers.

Our strategy development approach guarantees that short-term activities are in sync with long-term aspirations, vision, and purpose. We recognize key issues, opportunities, and threats affecting an organization's business model through market research and business analytics. We work with you to refine your organization's core mission and vision and help you articulate the strategies needed to get there. We then plan, prioritize and present the process into a roadmap with short-term and long-term horizons.

Crisis Management Planning

How an organization responds to a problem and manages activities immediately following a crisis has a significant impact on employees, customers, stakeholders, the public, and the entity. We approach clients' needs with a holistic view, ensuring that all stakeholders' requirements are considered. We allow clients to identify their objectives and develop actionable alternatives through collaboration to achieve the desired outcome.

ExemptOrg Business Management planning assists organizations in developing, implementing, and testing their critical planning elements. The effort includes the identification and documentation of executive and employee roles and responsibilities for managing the crisis. The planning also creates an Awareness Program to educate the participants, both internal and external, and a Training Programs to provide ongoing testing, validation, and rehearsal of the crucial elements of the Crisis Management strategies.

Our remote model serves clients globally.

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We also offer some level of in-office services throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and New York.

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